Department of Computer Engineering


To be a centre of excellence in carving young aspirants to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in Computer Engineering for the development of society.


M1: To develop and improve an academic environment conducive to teaching and learning.

M2: To enrich the creative abilities of the students for enhancing the competence in problem solving and tackling challenges.

M3: To facilitate better interactions among the industry, the academia and the society to absorb and practise state-of-the-art technologies.

M4: To prepare students for responsible engagement in sustainable societal activities and lifelong learning.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: The graduate will have a successful career in industry, academia or governmental sector related to Computer profession.

PEO2: The graduate will pursue higher education and actively engage in the process of lifelong learning.

PEO3: The graduate will communicate effectively and fulfil ethical and societal responsibilities.

Program Specific Outcomes [PSO]

PSO1: To develop software  solutions using free and open source technologies for the benefit of the society.

PSO2:  To develop hardware solutions for the problems in interdisciplinary areas.

About the Department

The computer engineering programme is a sought-after course by engineering aspirants because of the employment potential that it offers in today’s world. Students learn to design, implement, and manage information systems in various industries.

The youngest department in Central Polytechnic started offering the Computer Engineering stream from 1998–99 academic year. Despite the fact that this department started functioning just before the dawn of the new millennium, Central Polytechnic College can boast about the point that it is one among the first few institutions in the state of Kerala to offer a programme in the field of  Information Technology .

Programme Details (Curriculum: State Board of Technical Education, Kerala)

Three-year diploma in Computer Engineering:-  In the first year of its inception, 45 students were admitted to this course. Currently, 60 students are admitted to the course every year.

Faculty and Staff

As of now, the sanctioned faculty strength is 6, comprising of  head of the department and 5 lecturers.

For the normal functioning of the Lab of Computer Engineering Department, the supporting staff strength sanctioned is five.

Facilities and Infrastructure

The Software Lab of Computer Engineering Department is equipped with legal softwares including Open Source Softwares and state-of-the-art hardware and networking laboratories to  support application of the knowledge acquired in the classroom sessions.

The Common Computing Facility Laboratory that functions under the supervision of this department enables all students of Central Polytechnic to gain the basic IT skills.

In addition to the Language lab facility, the Computer Engineering Department facilitates IT-related activities of the college like Campus Networking, On-line Tests, Digital Library, and admissions to the Polytechnic, among others.

Above all, the department is focused on transforming the raw young talents that are admitted to the course into committed Computer Engineers who are ready not only to meet the ever changing needs of the Computer Industry but also to serve the society and the nation at large.

Students can use the virtual lab facility in online mode. Virtual Lab for Computer Engineering Subjects

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