Electrical & Electronics Engineering


The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering offers a dynamic ambiance for diploma Education in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Department offers 3 year diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Established in 1958. It is one of the first few departments. The department has state of art infrastructure with well equipped laboratories. The lab facilities are being upgraded from time to time and provide competent space for students to learn and apply.


Electrical Engineering Department will strive to provide excellent technical education and create diploma Electrical Engineers with innovative technical skills supportive to the industry and the society.

Program Educational Objectives

  • To produce highly competent supervisors/Engineers in Electrical engineering to meet society’s need with their knowledge
  • To provide opportunities for student to work individually or in group in multi-disciplinary projects
  • To establish students for applying the knowledge of various engineering subjects to solve complex problems of social relevance and to pursue higher education
  • To prepare students for professionals ethics and responsibilities through lifelong learning and sustainable development
  • Able to communicate effectively to various stake holders and practice their professions with high regards
  • To develop students for applying the knowledge of Electrical Engineering subjects in the field of renewable energy development.


  • To provide quality technical education and create alertness about the latest technological trends through continuous Industry Institute Interaction.
  • To provide adequate technical ambience for the overall evolution of the students and the faculties.

List of Labs

  • Basic Electrical Engineering Workshop
  • Electrical Workshop Practice
  • Electrical Measurements lab
  • Industrial Electrical Engineering lab
  • Electrical Computer Aided Drafting lab
  • DC Machines lab
  • Electronics lab
  • AC Machines lab
  • Industrial Automation lab