Textile Technology

Many places in Thiruvananthapuram like Balaramapuram, Venganoor are world famous for Handloom textile industry; thus the significance of the department at this college is established beyond all doubts and criticisms. Started as a certificate course at College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram, the course later shifted to the Central Polytechnic College. The department offers both a three year diploma programme and a certificate course in Textile Technology.

The department has 9 faculty members and 6 supporting staff. It has well equipped labs  to perform the latest experiments as per the industrial requirement. The major laboratories of our department are Yarn Manufacturing and Testing lab, Fabric Manufacturing lab, Garments lab, Textile Wet Processing lab and Computer Aided Textile Designing Lab. These labs provide experiments that includes the design and control aspects of textile and apparel processes, machineries and products.